Special Occasions 

I plan a wide range of celebrations.

Here's some examples of special occasion trips I've planned: 

Destination Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Cruise Retreat for a Church's Couples' Ministry 

40th Birthday celebrations 

Alaskan Cruise Tour for long-time friends 

Cruise for 16 friends 

Honeymoon to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand 

What can I help you celebrate? 

Coordinating a group trip may not be a difficult as you think. Whether it's a destination wedding, extended family getaway or just a group of friends headed to a new location, here's the first few questions I usually ask: 

1. Warm, cold or doesn't matter

2. Timing - Which months make the most sense? How long does everyone want to be gone? Do you want an option where some people could stay longer than others? 

3. Activities - What is one or two things everyone likes to do?

4. Togetherness - Do you want to do everything together or create itinerary where people can do things on their own?

My experience is that once we have a general sense of those answers, we can pretty quickly narrow down some great options. Getting everyone to commit can be tough until you make the first booking, then once everyone knows it's a sure thing, more people get on board.