Coordinating a group trip may not be a difficult as you think. Whether it's an extended family getaway or just a group of friends headed to a new location, I handle all the questions and logistics so you feel like you are actually on vacation, too. I can also place reservations on hold to ensure everyone can be on the same flights or get cruise cabins near each other.

I've found these four questions are a great place to start:

1. Warm, cold or doesn't matter?

2. Timing - Which months make the most sense? How long does everyone want to be gone? Do you want an option where some people could stay longer than others? 

3. Activities - What is one or two things everyone likes to do?

4. Togetherness - Do you want to do everything together or create itinerary where people can do things on their own?

My experience is that once we have a general sense of those answers, we can pretty quickly narrow down some great options.

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