Choosing an All-Inclusive Resort - Not all resorts are created equally. 

Seek out resorts with unlimited a la carte sit down dining.  Some resorts may limit the number of nights you can visit the sit down restaurants. 

Investigate your drink options. Not all resorts include wine as part of the all-inclusive package and not all wine is gluten free. 

Look for resorts that mention their food allergy programs on their websites. 

Ask for a contact at the resort to review your dietary concerns in advance of your arrival. 

At the Resort 

Meet with a chef or culinary concierge as soon as you arrive. Ask to review the restaurant menus, what needs to be pre-ordered, and what is available if you just walk up to eat. 

Double check food preparation standards for foods you will eat frequently.  For example, are French fries fried in separate oil?

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Gluten Free All Inclusive Resort Tips