Cruises are a great way to see the world. You only unpack once. Your meals are included. Plus your days are spent on the open ocean. 

What do cruises include? 

For mainstream cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, Norwegian, Holland America, and Princess - when you see a cruise fare advertised, it is a per person rate that includes your lodging, meals, entertainment, juices, and coffee/tea. The per person is based on two people per cabin.  Disney cruises include soda in their rate. Other high end cruise lines such as SilverSea may include some alcohol and some tours in the ports of call. 

Taxes and fees usually run between $40-$150+ per person depending on the length of the cruise.  Most of the mainstream cruise lines now have alcohol packages you can add for between $40 - $55 per day. 

Why should I book a cruise with Trips with Angie? 

Because of my double check service. Here's an example of how it worked for Tom. Tom had researched a lot of cruise options and knew exactly what one he wanted to book and even which cabin he wanted. Why didn’t he just book online himself? Because of my cruise double check service. Once a week, I double check the cabin prices on your cruise to identify potential savings or upgrade. He was able to upgrade from the 2nd deck to the 10th deck and save $130 per person. 

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