If you nodded your head to any of the reasons above because it sounds just like you, fill out this form and I'll be in contact so we can start planning a great vacation. 






You want the best value for your vacation dollar.  Based on my expertise, I can tell you the upgrades that are worth it and those that aren't.  Plus - my services are FREE. You get the benefit of all my experience and expertise at no extra charge. 

You want access to special VIP opportunities. Did you know there's an expedited way through security at the Montego Bay airport? You'll be sipping a mojito at your resort while the rest of the people on your flight are still in line. 

The thought of spending hours on the computer researching different options sounds exhausting and overwhelming. I ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of what's important to you. Then, I do the research and present options that will be the best fit for you. You give me feedback and we narrow down to your ideal vacation. I book it for you and you start counting down to a great vacation. It's really that easy. 

You want to travel with your friends and family, but don't want to deal with all their questions. I take over the complications of organizing a  vacation for a group of people. I host conference calls, administer surveys, and handle all the details.

You aren't sure exactly where you want to go. For instance, you know you want to go somewhere warm over the holidays, but aren't sure what location would be the best fit for your family. ​

5 Ways to Know if Working with Me is Right For You



It has been a real pleasure working with you for our Disney trip.  Your attention to detail, responsiveness and knowledge of our destination made the planning virtually stress-free!  The itinerary, additional information about our parks and treats for the kids were also very much appreciated!  When we have another trip to plan, we'll be sure to reach out to you!

We had such a great time and are already talking about going back soon. We will be sure to be in touch with you when we are ready. I'm so happy my mom sent me your information, you make traveling so much easier and painless! We were very pleased the hotel was exactly what we were expecting based on what you told us.